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Do you feel that your business needs a boost?

OSHI offers solutions for the renewal of your organization, teams and people. We accelerate your business with smart changes in your processes, systems, organizational design and ways of working, with an eye for people’s hidden expertise, talents and motivations. With our broad business experience, international network of professionals, scientific know-how, and true interest in people, we co-design and implement solutions in your organization that are Original, Smart, Human and Impactful. The outcome: individuals and teams that excel, and an organization with healthy operating results and a foundation for sustainable business growth. And as a bonus, this makes your organization attractive for new talent.


The big picture


Make fans!

What we offer

We can’t change the world, but on an organizational level we can make a difference. We are driven by our ability to quickly see what is causing people, teams or the organization as a whole to get stuck, to identify the untapped potential, and to implement a game change through simple and smart interventions. It is the change by which we make people inspired, grow and excel, and which forms the foundation for sustainable business growth.


Our approach

We start with a quick scan of your organization.
We typically analyze your organization through:
• Interviews with your leaders, experts with
business-critical expertise, and people that are culture bearers,
• Observations of how you run your business, and,
• Analysis of your financials, business processes, marketing and communication.
Based upon the outcome of our analysis, we propose a plan for the co-design and implementation of solutions for the renewal of your people, teams and organization as a whole. If case specific expertise is needed, we will bring in our network of highly qualified specialists in the areas of sales, marketing, communication, finance, HR, distribution and IT.

letter oUR VALUES

Four values drive us in the way we want to work with you:



Innovation requires doing things differently. We develop solutions that open up new ways of working and doing business.


We focus on creating transparency regarding the complex dynamics in your organization, and to identify
where small interventions can make a big difference. Given our broad business experience and scientific know-how, we come up with solutions that are ‘street-wise’ and evidence-based. In combination, they make our solutions smart.


People are the foundation of each and every successful company. This human capital requires a genuine interest in the unique expertise, talents and motivations of the people in your organization, and what refrains them from showing their full potential. Our eye for people makes us and your business human.


We are focused on tangible results, in the here and now, at individual, team and organizational level, and using them as the foundation for future business. We love new ideas and making them happen.

Our vision

Businesses need committed, talented and flexible people to grow. Finding this human capital is becoming increasingly complex due to an aging workforce, a war for talent at the labor market and the limitation of people’s flexibility. Resolving this dilemma is only possible if organizations, teams and professionals continuously renew themselves.


At an organizational level, this requires the identification of the root cause of why the effectiveness of an organization hampers, and how smart changes in processes, systems and organizational set-up can make a big and positive difference.


At a team level, this requires a shared mission, the ability to make use of each other’s talents and expertise, and an understanding of how a team contributes to the overall organizational strategy and primary business process.


At the individual level, this requires the development of flexpertise, which is the ability to renew one’s expertise in such a way that people have an inspirational, rewarding and meaningful career and are able to contribute to sustainable growth of your business.


What’s in a name?

Simply said, OSHI is composed of the words Original, Smart, Human and Impactful. These four elements characterize the solutions we  offer to our clients, aiming to make them’OSHI’ (the Japanese word for making fans). We are not Japanese but have strong connection with the Japanese culture given its unique ability to integrate age-old traditions which breakthrough innovations. That’s just one side of the
multi-layered story though. When we meet, we could talk more about it if you’d like.


Who we are?

OSHI was founded by Lonneke Frie and Otto Uijttewaal who experienced the value of combining their business and psychology expertise. They have developed their know-how as a serial entrepreneur and business leader, and as a Human Resource Development consultant, trainer, and scientist.

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How to deal with changes

your business chances

What we noticed


Otto Uijttewaal

Otto is an entrepreneur who successfully scaled up the business of startups
and international corporations. People describe him as a natural leader who is
willing and able to take on great responsibility with its associated autonomy.
He is good at making people rise above themselves, dares to intervene in difficult situations, and flawlessly understands organizations’ dynamics. He provides solutions in situations where others no longer see a way out. If the ‘flywheel turns smooth again’, then it is time for a new challenge.

Otto prefers to seek these challenges in sectors where his natural interests lie.
From an early age he has been interested in nature and what needs to happen
to turn what grows into food for consumers. In addition, he has a natural
tendency to find out how something technically works. This means that he
enjoys working in the food industry with retailers and manufacturers, and for
companies that bring technical innovations to the market. This also means that
he seeks new challenges in these sectors.

See for more information his LinkedIn profile:

Vector1 Lonneke Frie

Lonneke is a renowned specialist in flexpertise, that is the ability by which people are able to renew themselves throughout their careers after becoming an expert. This know-how was rooted during her master’s studies in Psychology at the Universities of Amsterdam and Tokushima (Japan), where she became fascinated by the question ‘What makes an expert?’. It turned into a never-ending endeavor to learn how to foster the ongoing personal and professional development of experts, and to create work environments in which people can grow and excel. She has built up her expertise in international companies by designing and implementing leadership and expert development programs, culture change trajectories, and employee engagement programs in roles such as senior HRD professional, people manager, HR business partner, and entrepreneur. In these roles, she experienced how some people face
difficulties in coping with new expertise demands, whereas others are able to frequently renew themselves in the context of shifting business needs. This triggered her to conduct a PhD project regarding this flexpertise phenomenon.


In her work, people describe her as someone who sees things that others don’t see, and from there, is able to get the gears going again in organizations. She prefers to work in fast moving sectors such as IT and FMCG in which companies are seeking ways to renew themselves to grow in a sustainable way. She is focused on understanding the depth of what drives people, comes up with surprising ideas, loves to provide the latest scientific insights in the field of psychology, brings energy and cheerfulness, makes people feel seen, and gives people the confidence to take difficult steps in their career. Some say that without Lonneke, work loses its color a bit.